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When should I book the session?

As soon as you can!  I’d love to get you on my schedule even though we don’t know exactly what day you’ll deliver. I’ll put your due date on my calendar, and keep in touch with you so we can schedule a time/date after baby is born.  I only take a certain number of sessions per month, so you’ll want to get on my calendar ASAP.

How do I book a newborn photo session?

Email me at or fill out the “Contact Me” form at the bottom of my website here.  I’ll answer any questions you have, and once you are ready to book, I’ll send you a contract, questionnaire, and an invoice.  You need to pay 50% at booking to reserve your due date.

When will we schedule the session?

I like to do the newborn session within the first 2 weeks of life.  In the first couple weeks, babies are sleepy, and squishy!  Just send me an email or text when you deliver, and we’ll schedule a time and day for their session.

What if my baby is older?

We can still do the session!  It might be a little different than a newborn session depending on their age, but we can still get some cute photos of your baby.  Contact me to schedule a session.

How long will the session be?

Expect your newborn session to take about 2 hours. Babies are on their own schedule of eating and sleeping, and we’ll be patient with them, and wait for them to get into a deep sleep.

How warm will it be?

The studio will be about 80 degrees to keep baby warm, so be sure to wear something comfortable and light.  You are welcome, of course, to step out and get a breather if you need to.

Do I need to bring props?

I have everything we need, but if you have something special that you’d like to incorporate into your session, please let me know in advance.  There is a spot on the questionnaire I’ll send you at booking where you can tell me about any special requests.

What should I bring?

I have everything we’ll need for the photos.  If you could bring a binky and your diaper bag, that should be all you need!

What should I do to prepare for my newborn session?
  • Put diaper on loosely (so we can’t see marks on their skin).


  • Bring baby in jammies that don’t need to go over their head.  That helps them stay asleep if they fall asleep on the way and we can get started right away.


  • Feed the baby right before you come, if possible.  You can feed the baby once you get here also, if you need to.  We want the baby full and sleepy for the session.


  • Sibling & Parent Shots – If you want sibling or parent shots during your session, be sure to let me know in advance so I can plan and prepare for it.
Where will the session be?

I have a small studio space in my home.  I’ll send the address when you book the session.  I’m located in Saratoga Springs, UT – about 10 minutes from the freeway exit near Thanksgiving Point.

What is the mom’s job during the session?

I want you to be able to relax during the session.  If I need your help, I’ll let you know.  If baby seems hungry, I’ll have you feed them.  Otherwise, I’ll plan to handle the posing, diapers, and getting your baby to sleep.  I know new moms are tired, and I love to snuggle the babies during the session.

Do I get to choose the colors in my photos?

I use a lot of neutral colors, but if there is a specific color you want to incorporate into your session, let me know.  I always use cream, and I love to get some images on black.  You can include colors you want to incorporate in the questionnaire I’ll send you at booking.

What do I get?

You can expect around 20 digital edited photos from your session.  You can also earn a free 11×14 print by sharing your photos on social media.

Posed Newborn Photo FAQs




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