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Walter | Utah Newborn Photos

Being a Newborn photographer is so much fun!  This little guy is 2 months old.  He has the most perfect skin, and check out those eyelashes!  I love photographing babies on white.  I love the simple look, and how the baby is the focus of the image.  Utah newborn photos are so precious because they are only little once.   Isn't his mom gorgeous?!?  I love how much love you can see from her in this image.  So sweet! Sometimes it takes a little while to get sweet little babies to sleep, but it's worth it in the end!  I love awake photos, but the sleepy photos are...
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James | Newborn Photographer

It's been so fun to get to get to know this cute family as they brought James into their family!  I got to be their birth photographer, and his newborn photographer.  I have the funnest job!  I get to be there when babies are born, and see all the emotion and love parents have for their new baby (and grandparents).  Then, a week or so later, I get to snuggle the sweet baby, and document all their tiny features!  It really is the best to be a birth and newborn photographer in Utah!   If you didn't get to see James' birth story, click here to check it out! Here are his...
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Brylee’s | Utah County Newborn Photos

I had so much fun getting to know this family during their maternity, birth, and newborn photos!  It's so crazy how much babies change from their birth in the next few days!  I love taking Utah County newborn photos!  It's always so fun to get to snuggle the babies when they are still so little, and see their little personalities come out a little bit!  I also love to see the parents again (if I shot their birth) and hear how life is going as a new parent. Brylee was just 6 days old in these pics, and she looked so different from her birthday!  I love babies on white so the focus is...
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Baby Alaya | Utah County Newborn Photographer

Baby Alaya is just the cutest!  She was amazing for her session, and I had so much fun cuddling with her!  I can't believe how much she looks like her older siblings!!  She's such a doll!  She was just 8 days old in these photos, and had changed so much since her birth!  I love being a Utah County Newborn Photographer!  I love seeing brand new babies, and capturing these memories for them!   She was just 6 pounds 14 ounces at birth!  She was born at a beautiful home birth where mom thought she was going to bed...and then suddenly, she was having a baby instead.  It was like...
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Utah County Newborn Photographer

As a Utah County newborn photographer, I had to chance to do newborn photos for this sweet family!  The kids took a couple minutes to warm up, but once they did, they were so cute.   Meet this cute little girl!  She is just such a sweetie and slept so great during her session!  Her siblings were darling, and mom says they like to help with the new baby!   These kids were hilarious and really wanted to meet my new puppy.  Apparently they were quite serious about getting a dog, because they called while we were taking pics of the baby and said they found a couple...
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Baby N | Salt Lake County Newborn Photography

This little guy was just such a cutie~ Isn’t his mom gorgeous?!? (You'll have to scroll down to see her)  I love my job doing Salt Lake County Newborn Photography!  I get to freeze these tiny little details for their parents to always remember.   This was a crazy session, because when I went to their house to take these photos, I soon figured out that I grew up in the same small town as the baby's mom!  It sure is a small world!   Tina Chandler Photography specializes in birth, newborn, and child photography.  Tina Chandler Photography serves Salt Lake...
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Baby Hunter – Utah Newborn Photography

I love seeing new babies and taking photos of them and their families. Utah Newborn Photography is one of my favorite things! Check out cute baby Hunter. His mom drove about an hour to get here, so by that time, he was done sleeping! He didn’t sleep at all until we were done and put him back in his car seat to head home! It’s like they know you want them to sleep, so they do the opposite! This family just moved here from out of state, and he was born just a few days after the move!  I'm so glad they did so I could meet him! His mom brought these little cowboy boots and hat....
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Lifestyle Newborn Photos – Baby Izzy

This cute family lives in my neighborhood. I'm so lucky I was able to take some photos of them, and their sweet new baby Isabelle! This is their first baby, and they are the cutest parents. Dad was able to be home with them for the first couple weeks, and was so cute with the baby. Mom is so amazing! They are going to be great parents!  I love lifestyle newborn sessions.  Please contact me to schedule a session!           I love to capture how tiny they are in the crib...since you forget so fast!  Pretty soon she'll be taking up the whole crib with her blankets and...
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Newborn Photos-Utah County

Baby X This was such a fun session!   I love newborn photos!  I actually know Jennifer from my hometown!  It's so funny to see what a small world it is and reconnect with people.  Facebook is amazing for that.   Our dads even used to work together...and after a break, they are working together again after all these years ha ha!  So crazy!   This is my favorite photo of their baby X!  I love the colors!  Such a cute baby.  He didn't want to sleep much during his session, but I like seeing his pretty eyes in the pictures.   Newborn...
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Sweet Baby K’s photos

Isn't this little girl just the cutest thing ever? I met this family about 6 years ago, when we moved into their neighborhood. I have kids about the same ages as theirs, so it's lot of fun to get them together to play. Recently they moved, but luckily they still live pretty close! I was so excited when I found out they were going to have a new baby! The gender was a surprise, but I was hoping it would be a girl! Everyone else told her it would be a boy-including a psychic (apparently not a very good one!), but I was holding out for a sweet little girl! We went walking around a track...
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