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Salt Lake Airport

SLC Airport Missionary Homecoming

Having a LDS Missionary Homecoming at the SLC airport is so exciting!  I love being able to document these precious memories and emotion filled moments.   Here are some moments from Kaden's LDS Mission Homecoming.  You can also watch the video below.  So many missionaries came home the same day, and the airport was packed!  Waiting for the missionaries Moms always get the first hug! Hugs with brothers are so precious! Heading home from the airport after picking up luggage. Here are a few tips for SLC Missionary Homecomings.  This...
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Missionary Homecoming Video

Missionary homecoming videos are one of my favorite things!  So much happiness and joy!  You just can't help but tear up and be so happy for everyone!     The Weaver family was so excited for Elder Weaver to come home!  They all love his smile, and say that he makes everything so fun!  His dad and sister also said he's one of their best friends which I thought was so cute!  Logan got to meet a new sister in law when he got home, and was welcomed at the airport by so many family members-aunts, uncles, cousins along with his parents and brothers and sisters!  It was...
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Hannah | Provo City Center Missionary Photos

This girl is such a blast! She is so easy going, and fun! We had a blast doing her Provo City Center Missionary Photos.  I have no doubt she's going to be an amazing missionary and change lives in Germany!   Here are a few of my favorite photos from this session. We picked a great day to do it. The next day there was snow, rain, hail, and wind, but the weather was perfect for us!     Hannah took just one semester of Germany in high school, so she'll have a lot to learn for the language, but I'm sure she'll pick it up quick!  She said her grandpa also served...
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Sister Peterson | Utah Missionary Photography | Mt. Timp Temple

This amazing girl is going to be such a great sister missionary!  I've gotten to know her over the past few years, and was so excited when she decided to go on a mission!  She was called to the Bakersfield, CA mission which is perfect for her!  She may be tempted to go to Sea World on her P days though because she LOVES dolphins! I love Utah missionary photography! We were originally going to go to the Oquirrah Mountain Temple, but it was closed the day we wanted to take photos, so we went to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple instead in American Fork.  Note to self...always check the schedules...
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Sydney | Sister Missionary | Utah County Missionary Photographer

I'm so lucky to have gotten to know this amazing girl from my neighborhood!  She is seriously going to be the best sister missionary! I hope she has great experiences, and has great memories of serving the people of Washington.  Being a Utah County Missionary photographer is so much fun!  She jokes that she should be called Sister Teva because she loves Teva's so much!  Luckily, she's going to use her real last name...I think.   We had a great time with her photo session.  There were only a couple times where we could get together, so we decided to do a sunrise session.  We...
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