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Fresh 48 Photos | Utah Valley Hospital

This sweet little family welcomed their baby just about 12 hours before these pics were taken! I love to go capture all those tiny details. They grow so fast, and remembering when they were tiny fades so fast when you are changing diapers and short of sleep! Soon, they'll be crawling and walking, and it's so fun to be able to look back at these fresh 48 photos. Dad was so cute and nervous to hold the baby. So, mom held the sweet little guys for most of the photos! Look how tiny his little hands and feet are. I hope they are adjusting at home and enjoying their sweet little guy!  I'm sure...
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utah hospital newborn photos

Violet | Utah Fresh 48

Here's the video of this sweet Utah fresh 48 hospital session.  If you want to read more about this sweet family, keep scrolling! Violet's Fresh 48 from Tina Chandler on Vimeo.   I was lucky enough to meet sweet little Violet when she was less than 24 hours old!  Such a privilege!  She has such a cute family!  I love her name, and love that her mom had the name picked out for years!  Their wedding was violet to which was so sweet!   I got there a little before dad and big brother, so we got some fun shots with mom and grandma.  Then, big brother came to meet...
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Roman | Utah Hospital Photos

Some moms just look too gorgeous to have just had a baby!  Alex was definitely one of those!  They have the cutest family with their 2 little boys.  Big brother, was so funny!  From stealing baby's binkie to playing peek a boo with his new baby brother.  I love taking Utah hospital photos!  It's so fun to see the new parents and their excitement.  It's also fun to meet the older sibling and see how they react to the new baby.  Sometimes it's the first time they've met the new baby! Grandpa and an aunt were at this session as well, which was fun!   The baby had such cute...
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Newborn photo session Utah

Baby E | Orem Utah Fresh 48 photo session

Meet baby E!  I loved being able to meet her at and take her photos in a Orem Utah fresh 48 photo session. She was over just over 9 pounds when she was born, and she is so cute and chunky!  I just love her little cheeks and lips.  Her parents are so cute and love her so much.  It's awesome to see so much  love for such little person that they just met!     Baby E was just born the night before we took these photos, so she's not even a day old yet!  I love that I get to see these babies when they are so fresh and new.  I love taking pics of their cute little toes and...
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First Glimpse-American Fork Hospital

This is one of the cutest families ever!  They moved to Utah pretty recently, and we met for the first time at the American Fork Hospital for her First Glimpse Session.  I got to meet their 5th baby (4th girl!) when she was just a day old.  The boys in their family are definitely outnumbered!  Luckily the girls are so cute I'm sure the boys don't mind being outnumbered ;)   Shortly after I got there, dad brought the other 4 kids in, and this is what they immediately did.  Went to see the baby and just couldn't get enough of her!  I love these pictures because you can see how...
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Baby Draven-First Glimpse

I'm so lucky to be able to go take photos of newborns when they are not even a day old!  I got to go to the American Fork Hospital, and take some "First Glimpse" photos of the brand new baby.   Baby Draven is such a cutie pie!  Look at all that hair! I think it's a little unfair that he almost has more hair than my 2 year old!   I had so much fun meeting this cute family and taking some pictures of their new little addition. How do some women look so amazing right after giving birth? Seriously!?! She doesn't look like she was up all night giving...
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