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Missionary Homecoming Video

Missionary homecoming videos are one of my favorite things!  So much happiness and joy!  You just can't help but tear up and be so happy for everyone!     The Weaver family was so excited for Elder Weaver to come home!  They all love his smile, and say that he makes everything so fun!  His dad and sister also said he's one of their best friends which I thought was so cute!  Logan got to meet a new sister in law when he got home, and was welcomed at the airport by so many family members-aunts, uncles, cousins along with his parents and brothers and sisters!  It was...
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Baby Shiloh | Birth Story

  Baby Shiloh has a unique birth story!  I met with his mom on a Tuesday for lunch at Kneaders.  We chatted about when her due date was (5 weeks away), how her husband works in San Fransisco, and how excited she was for the baby (either Summer for a girl, or Shiloh for a boy).  Imagine my surprise when she called that night around 2am saying she was in labor!   Here's the video of his birth!  If you want to hear more about the story, keep reading!     I hurried and gathered my birth camera bag and made sure my batteries were charged and I had...
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Boston’s 4th Birthday | Utah Party Videographer

  Boston is 4 years old! He's such a fun kid! He had such a fun birthday party at Classic Skating in Orem. He invited a bunch of friends to come play, and party! The kids had a blast on the bouce houses, skating and riding scooters. Boston got a scooter as a gift, and right after he opened it, he started riding! No hesitation. I loved the little dances he did, and the hugs he gave to his friends. He has a lot of family and friends that love him, and I'm so glad I was able to capture the day for them to look back on for years to come.     I asked him a few questions...
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utah hospital newborn photos

Violet | Utah Fresh 48

Here's the video of this sweet Utah fresh 48 hospital session.  If you want to read more about this sweet family, keep scrolling! Violet's Fresh 48 from Tina Chandler on Vimeo.   I was lucky enough to meet sweet little Violet when she was less than 24 hours old!  Such a privilege!  She has such a cute family!  I love her name, and love that her mom had the name picked out for years!  Their wedding was violet to which was so sweet!   I got there a little before dad and big brother, so we got some fun shots with mom and grandma.  Then, big brother came to meet...
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Utah County Family Film

I thought it might be fun to post a recent video I made of my family!  It was so much fun to make!  I'd love to make another Utah County family film!  If you're interested in having a film made of your family, contact me!   I love photography, don't get me wrong.  Still photos are awesome...but there's just something about video.  The sounds, the kids cute little voices, the movement that brings back the memories more than a still photo can.   The filming Over a couple weeks, I'd just get my camera out whenever the kids were busy doing something.  I tried to...
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{Baby Charlie} Utah Birth Story

This mama is amazing!  She was so strong and amazing during her birth!  Her husband was so helpful, along with the midwives and nurses to make this birth story so great!  And, in the end, it was all worth it for this perfect baby BOY!  I love being a Utah birth story photographer!  It's such an amazing job to be able to witness amazing women & men becoming moms and dad again or for the first time!   On a Thursday morning, at 40+5, Lindsey started having contractions.  She stayed home and worked through them for a couple hours, and then headed to the hospital about 5am....
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