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Welcome Baby Sister!

  This family is just the cutest!  I still cannot get over how cute the big brother was to his baby sister!  Let's start at the beginning.     The Family Cindy & Fred have 2 cute boys.  The oldest one probably wouldn't like being called he's handsome...but the younger one is super cute.  He's only 4, so I think calling him cute is still acceptable. Cindy was pregnant with their 3rd baby, and it was a girl!  Hooray!  Who doesn't love a baby sister right?!? She was supposed to be induced on Friday morning, but guess what?  Sophia had other...
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Beautiful Surrogate Birth Story

As a Utah birth photographer, I get the unique chance to watch babies be born to loving families. This story was different than most, but very beautiful. Meet Lindsey & Harry...and Cindy & Rob.  This is the story of a surrogate and the birth of twin baby girls.  Cindy and Rob have been waiting years to be parents! I'm so grateful I was able to meet these families, and these special little girls. They called me about an hour before the birth, and I barely made it!  They decided that Cindy (the babies' mom) would wait in the NICU and Harry (the surrogates husband) would go to the...
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Birth Photography-Meet Jabari

Birth Photography is so amazing! I feel so lucky to be a part of these amazing experiences! This cute family came to the hospial in the morning to be induced. They broke her water, and she labored for a good part of the day. The labor and delivery didn't go exactly as mom had planned (does it ever?), but she was tough and hung in there through it all. She had the support of her mom and husband through it all.   Baby Jabari decided to come into the world in the evening after his grandma told him for a few hours that they were sending an evacuation notice to him. The nurses were...
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Welcome to the world baby S! – Utah Birth Photographer

I had such an amazing opportunity to photograph baby S's birthday!  As a Utah Birth Photographer, it's awesome to be part of such an amazing day!   Tierra was having contractions all night.  Once she decided maybe this was it...she decided to eat some pancakes real quick before going to the hospital.  She knew she wouldn't be able to eat, and wanted to make sure she got something!  I love this, because it's exactly something I would do!  It makes me giggle every time a mom in labor tells me she ate before coming to the hospital.  It's more common than you would think...or...
flowerAUTHOR: tinachandler     CATEGORIES: Birth Photography, Blog
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