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Baby Aurora | Birth Story Utah

This is baby Aurora's birth story.  She's such a beautiful baby with amazing parents, and I was so grateful to be a small part of welcoming her to the world!  I love documenting births because it's such a special intimate time, and I love recording that for families to be able to remember such a special day! I love documenting all the details big and small of their birth day, and being able to make a crazy day a little less stressful for the family so they can focus on bonding with their baby while knowing that they will have beautiful photos to look back on.   Baby Aurora's...
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Baby Nora | American Fork Birth Story

  Birth stories are so special!  I loved capturing this American Fork birth story.  It's such a special moment to document.  Meeting your baby for the first time is such a special moment.  I love to document the parents' reaction to meeting their baby, and their baby's tiny fingers and toes.  They grow and change so fast, you'll want to be able to look back on the photos and remember that special day!   Baby Nora's story is such a sweet one!  She is the Packers' third baby (and first girl).  Her parents have had her name picked out for years which I think is so...
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Baby Shiloh | Birth Story

  Baby Shiloh has a unique birth story!  I met with his mom on a Tuesday for lunch at Kneaders.  We chatted about when her due date was (5 weeks away), how her husband works in San Fransisco, and how excited she was for the baby (either Summer for a girl, or Shiloh for a boy).  Imagine my surprise when she called that night around 2am saying she was in labor!   Here's the video of his birth!  If you want to hear more about the story, keep reading!     I hurried and gathered my birth camera bag and made sure my batteries were charged and I had...
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What’s it like to have a birth photographer?

  What is it like to have a birth photographer?  You may have some questions about the whole process.  Is it weird since you hardly know the person?  What if you're not sure about having another person in the room?  I know women have a lot of concerns when hiring a birth photographer, and I want to address some of those in this article.   First of all, it's a good idea to chat with your birth photographer leading up to your birth to get to know them a little bit.  About half of my clients choose to meet in person ahead of time.  That's great for me, because I like...
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James | American Fork Birth Photos

Meet the Coburns.  They welcomed James into their family this month!  I was lucky enough to be able to take their American Fork Birth Photos.  I consider myself very privileged to be invited into a birth space, and this was no exception.   Amy was induced because of high blood pressure and about 36 hours later that they welcomed their sweet, tiny, baby boy!   Both grandmas and 2 aunts were also there when he was born which was so special! Both grandpas were standing by in the waiting room.  It's always fun when all the extended family is so excited for the arrival of the new...
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Rylee | Natural Birth Story

Rylee's Birth from Tina Chandler on Vimeo.       Rylee's Natural Birth Story Mom and dad were so excited for the arrival of their little girl!  But, she made them wait for it!  She didn't come until 41 weeks and 3 days...yes, that's 10 days after her "expected" date.  Mom wanted to have a natural birth, and she accomplished her goal!  She was ah-mazing.  Seriously.  She worked through each contraction and brought her baby into the world so beautifully.  I feel so honored to have been there!  Her total labor was about 8 hours.  Pretty fast for a first...
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Baby Milo | Utah Birth Story

    Baby Milo's birth was so beautiful!  I love being able to do Utah birth story photography and videography. The story is below, but here's the video just in case you want to watch it first!  I love video for the sounds and the movement!  It's the closest thing to actually being there.     Kirbi went to the hospital 2 days before her due date with a lot of contractions!  They got checked in, got the epidural and tried to rest for a bit.  They called me around 2am and said they were ready for me to come.   A...
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{Baby Charlie} Utah Birth Story

This mama is amazing!  She was so strong and amazing during her birth!  Her husband was so helpful, along with the midwives and nurses to make this birth story so great!  And, in the end, it was all worth it for this perfect baby BOY!  I love being a Utah birth story photographer!  It's such an amazing job to be able to witness amazing women & men becoming moms and dad again or for the first time!   On a Thursday morning, at 40+5, Lindsey started having contractions.  She stayed home and worked through them for a couple hours, and then headed to the hospital about 5am....
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Alaya | Utah Home Birth Story

This Utah home birth story was so special, because I was so excited for one of my favorite families to have their second girl!  After having 3 boys, it was definitely a fun surprise when they found out it was going to be a GIRL!  It was an amazing birth, and Alaya's mom rocked it!  She is amazing, and seeing her with her newborn daughter was such a special experience!  I'm so glad I was able to document their special day. This is Alaya's birth story in her mom's own words.   "Alaya's story coming Earthside is a beautiful one. On Tuesday, Aug 9th, 2 days before the due date, I...
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You, Yes YOU, Deserve a Birth Photographer

I asked a fellow birth photographer, Elise Hurst, owner of Elise Hurst Photography, to guest blog for me!  She's a very talented birth photographer, and so sweet!  You should check out her website if you're near Lubbock, TX.   "YOU deserve to have your birth photographed. Period.   There is no pre-requisite of a certain type of pregnant body, certain location of your birth, or certain amount of medical intervention to qualify for your beautiful birth to be captured. You and your baby's birth story is a unique story deserving to be honored through...
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