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Mom Tip: Board Games {Family fun}

  Do you ever feel like your family has way too much screen time?  For family fun, we play a lot of board & card games, so I thought it would be fun to share some of our favorites right now.   Getting a new game is one of my favorite Christmas traditions! After all the gifts are unwrapped, and things have settled a bit, we break out the new game, and spend quality time playing together without the electronics.  I think it makes kids smarter to which is a great side benefit! It's a fun way to encourage reading, math and thinking skills.  It's a...
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{Spencer Family} Utah Family Photo Shoot

This is one of my favorite families ever!  I was lucky enough to photograph my brother and his family!  Aren't my nephews just the most handsome boys ever?!?   We had a lot of fun at Wheeler Farm. It's one of my favorite places to do a family shoot in Salt Lake County, because there are so many different backgrounds-trees, barns, the old farmhouse, animals to see, and lots of beautiful scenery to enjoy!  We took a lot of pictures, and they were such good sports about it!  On to the photos!  Check these out!  I'd love to hear your favorite one in the comments!  Utah family photo...
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Brylee’s | Utah County Newborn Photos

I had so much fun getting to know this family during their maternity, birth, and newborn photos!  It's so crazy how much babies change from their birth in the next few days!  I love taking Utah County newborn photos!  It's always so fun to get to snuggle the babies when they are still so little, and see their little personalities come out a little bit!  I also love to see the parents again (if I shot their birth) and hear how life is going as a new parent. Brylee was just 6 days old in these pics, and she looked so different from her birthday!  I love babies on white so the focus is...
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{Baby Charlie} Utah Birth Story

This mama is amazing!  She was so strong and amazing during her birth!  Her husband was so helpful, along with the midwives and nurses to make this birth story so great!  And, in the end, it was all worth it for this perfect baby BOY!  I love being a Utah birth story photographer!  It's such an amazing job to be able to witness amazing women & men becoming moms and dad again or for the first time!   On a Thursday morning, at 40+5, Lindsey started having contractions.  She stayed home and worked through them for a couple hours, and then headed to the hospital about 5am....
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{Stilson Family} | Wheeler Farm Family Photos

I had so much fun with this family!  They are so cute!  We had a great time doing Wheeler Farm family photos! One of my favorite memories of this family, was last year at Halloween.  They came over for Halloween pics.  All the kids looked so cute in their costumes, and at the end, she said "you're going to be surprised" and brought out a sign announcing a new baby!  I was surprised!  I was so excited for them!  It seems so long ago now that cute Lydia is here!   I loved how they picked out their outfits to!  The baby was supposed to come home from the hospital in this...
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Sister Peterson | Utah Missionary Photography | Mt. Timp Temple

This amazing girl is going to be such a great sister missionary!  I've gotten to know her over the past few years, and was so excited when she decided to go on a mission!  She was called to the Bakersfield, CA mission which is perfect for her!  She may be tempted to go to Sea World on her P days though because she LOVES dolphins! I love Utah missionary photography! We were originally going to go to the Oquirrah Mountain Temple, but it was closed the day we wanted to take photos, so we went to the Mt. Timpanogos Temple instead in American Fork.  Note to self...always check the schedules...
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Sydney | Sister Missionary | Utah County Missionary Photographer

I'm so lucky to have gotten to know this amazing girl from my neighborhood!  She is seriously going to be the best sister missionary! I hope she has great experiences, and has great memories of serving the people of Washington.  Being a Utah County Missionary photographer is so much fun!  She jokes that she should be called Sister Teva because she loves Teva's so much!  Luckily, she's going to use her real last name...I think.   We had a great time with her photo session.  There were only a couple times where we could get together, so we decided to do a sunrise session.  We...
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Alaya | Utah Home Birth Story

This Utah home birth story was so special, because I was so excited for one of my favorite families to have their second girl!  After having 3 boys, it was definitely a fun surprise when they found out it was going to be a GIRL!  It was an amazing birth, and Alaya's mom rocked it!  She is amazing, and seeing her with her newborn daughter was such a special experience!  I'm so glad I was able to document their special day. This is Alaya's birth story in her mom's own words.   "Alaya's story coming Earthside is a beautiful one. On Tuesday, Aug 9th, 2 days before the due date, I...
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Baby Alaya | Utah County Newborn Photographer

Baby Alaya is just the cutest!  She was amazing for her session, and I had so much fun cuddling with her!  I can't believe how much she looks like her older siblings!!  She's such a doll!  She was just 8 days old in these photos, and had changed so much since her birth!  I love being a Utah County Newborn Photographer!  I love seeing brand new babies, and capturing these memories for them!   She was just 6 pounds 14 ounces at birth!  She was born at a beautiful home birth where mom thought she was going to bed...and then suddenly, she was having a baby instead.  It was like...
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Utah County Newborn Photographer

As a Utah County newborn photographer, I had to chance to do newborn photos for this sweet family!  The kids took a couple minutes to warm up, but once they did, they were so cute.   Meet this cute little girl!  She is just such a sweetie and slept so great during her session!  Her siblings were darling, and mom says they like to help with the new baby!   These kids were hilarious and really wanted to meet my new puppy.  Apparently they were quite serious about getting a dog, because they called while we were taking pics of the baby and said they found a couple...
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