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SLC Airport Missionary Homecoming

Having a LDS Missionary Homecoming at the SLC airport is so exciting!  I love being able to document these precious memories and emotion filled moments.


Here are some moments from Kaden’s LDS Mission Homecoming.  You can also watch the video below.  So many missionaries came home the same day, and the airport was packed! 

LDS Missionary Home
Waiting for the missionaries
LDS Mission Homecoming
Missionary Homecoming
Moms always get the first hug!
Missionary Homecoming
Hugs with brothers are so precious!
SLC Airport
LDS Missionary coming home

Heading home from the airport after picking up luggage.

Here are a few tips for SLC Missionary Homecomings.

  1.  This one is for the moms.  Moms get the first hug.  If anyone wants to argue with you about this, just show them this blog post.  It’s a rule.    
  2. Remember the missionary will probably be tired, and plan for time for them to rest after the big homecoming.  Most people go get a meal after the airport, and then head home for relaxation time.
  3. I’ve said this tip before, but I’ll say it again.  Check the flight time – watch for delays or early arrivals.  It stinks to arrive at the airport and then find out there is a 1-2 hour delay.  It’s also terrible to be running behind and then realize they will arrive 30 minutes early!  It’s a good idea to keep an eye on it.  There are lot of good apps for that.  You usually just need the flight number to get updates.


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Tina Chandler Photo + Film serves Utah and Salt Lake Counties and specializes in documentary style photos & films.  I’d love to capture your mission homecoming!  Contact me using the contact form here.


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