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Missionary Homecoming Video

Missionary homecoming videos are one of my favorite things!  So much happiness and joy!  You just can’t help but tear up and be so happy for everyone!



The Weaver family was so excited for Elder Weaver to come home!  They all love his smile, and say that he makes everything so fun!  His dad and sister also said he’s one of their best friends which I thought was so cute!  Logan got to meet a new sister in law when he got home, and was welcomed at the airport by so many family members-aunts, uncles, cousins along with his parents and brothers and sisters!  It was incredible!



If you want to watch the video, check it out here!  I’ll put some pics down below to!  I LOVE missionary homecomings, so if you’re looking for an airport missionary homecoming video or photos, send me a message here!




A couple tips for the Salt Lake Airport when your missionary comes home.

  1.  Go early!  We couldn’t park in the garage because it was full, so we had to park in economy parking and ride the bus over to the airport terminals.  I heard some people on the bus saying their missionary already arrived because his flight was early!  Luckily we made it in plenty of time!
  2. Check your missionaries flight for delays or arriving early.  You’ll definitely want to know of any changes in their flight status.
  3. Bring some fun stuff, but don’t over do it!  I love the signs, and this family had cute matching shirts that I loved!!  I on the other hand brought too much stuff!  There isn’t really a place to set stuff down, and it got pretty crowded with all the missionary arrivals, so be sure you’re hands will be empty for lots of hugs!
  4. Bring tissues!  You’ll definitely need those!
  5. Hire a photographer/videographer!  You’ll want to remember this moment, but you won’t want to have to worry about being the photographer since you’ll be busy enjoying the moment!


Waiting With Anticipation!




He’s Here!



I loved seeing everyones reaction to seeing Elder Weaver again!  So much love in this family!



Hugs, Hugs, and More Hugs!

One funny thing that Elder Weaver was surprised by was how tall his cousins were!  It was pretty funny to hear him say “Wow!  You’re so tall!”  Apparently the cousins have grown a little in the past 2 years LOL!



Elder Weaver served in San Jose, California – Vietnamese speaking.  His name tag has his “Vietnamese” name on it which is pretty cool!  He had the same companions for most of his mission, and they came home the same day, so we got some pics of them to!  I love the candy lei’s!  My daughter (5 years old) has decided she wants to serve a mission just to get candy necklaces!



One thing Elder Weaver’s family missed about his was his great smile!  He really does have the best smile!


What a fun day!  It doesn’t get better than this!  Thanks for letting me enjoy this special moment with you guys!  It’s such an honor to document these special memories so you’ll be able to treasure them forever!



Tina Chandler Photography + Films serves Utah and Salt Lake Counties including the Salt Lake Airport.  If you’re interested in a missionary film, message me here.  I’d love to document these memories for you!

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