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Baby H | C-Section Birth Story

Utah C-Section Birth Story


Baby H was a Utah C-Section Birth and has a beautiful birth story.  Here’s his birth video, and you can read more of his story below.




Baby H’s Birth Story


Baby H’s birth story is a unique one!  His mom wanted to have a natural birth.  She decided what she wanted, took classes, and created a birth plan.  She hired a doula and looked forward to meeting her baby boy! Her doula was Chelsea Udell at Breath to Life.  Here’s her instagram or website if you’re looking for a great doula!



Towards the end of the pregnancy, their doctor determined that the baby was breech.  Breech babies can turn on their own, be turned, or be born c-section (unless you have a rare doctor willing to deliver breech vaginally).  After trying EVERYTHING, and I mean everything (at least once!), they thought about the pros and cons, and ultimately decided that they would do a c-section.  We were all hoping baby would turn on his own, but this baby was stuck, and there was no turning him!











It wasn’t the birth story they had planned, but it ended with a healthy mom and darling baby!  After baby H was born mom and dad had some time to bond. They snuggled and adored all his little features.  It’s always different on your second baby (and beyond) to compare the new baby to the older sibling.  How they look the same, and what differences they have.  It’s always kind of shocking to think of the older sibling being this small once!  They just grow so fast, and you forget how tiny they once were!  Baby H had a lot more and darker hair than his older sibling!  But, they had a lot of similarities too!  I’m so lucky I was able to document them both!









After he was born, we got a good look at the position he had been in for the past month or so!  No wonder all the stuff to get him to turn didn’t work!  It’s amazing that babies are so flexible that the most comfortable position for his legs is this!







After they moved into the recovery room, big brother got to come meet him!  He was adorable!  He brought a cute little stuffed animal for his baby brother and was so excited to give it to him!  He also played peek-a-boo, and gave his mom and new baby brother lots of nose kisses which was the most adorable thing ever!








Congrats to the amazing family!  Such an amazing birth story!


Tina Chandler Photography specializes in birth stories and fresh 48 photos and videos in Utah and Salt Lake County.  I’d love to document your next baby!  Contact me here.

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