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Baby Aurora | Birth Story Utah

This is baby Aurora’s birth story.  She’s such a beautiful baby with amazing parents, and I was so grateful to be a small part of welcoming her to the world!  I love documenting births because it’s such a special intimate time, and I love recording that for families to be able to remember such a special day! I love documenting all the details big and small of their birth day, and being able to make a crazy day a little less stressful for the family so they can focus on bonding with their baby while knowing that they will have beautiful photos to look back on.


Baby Aurora’s story starts with an induction that took longer than expected!  On the day of the induction, the hospital was crazy busy with other moms in labor, so James and Kayla had to wait another day to meet her!  It was hard to wait, but little baby Aurora was worth the wait!  At least they got one more night’s sleep ha ha!  Who can sleep well at 9 months pregnant?




Her parents headed to the hospital around 10 on a Saturday morning, and her mom’s water was broken around 12:30. I joined them a few hours later.  They were so much fun!  They brought some video games and were just chilling and playing while they waited!  After a while, the labor got harder, and James helped his wife by encouraging her, and holding her hand.  It’s always so sweet to see husbands do their best to make their wife more comfortable.





After a little while, it was time to push!  Pushing it hard work, but James got Kayla drinks and she was amazing, and soon they welcomed baby Aurora!  And this is the moment where James says “awww…she’s so….ugly!”  We all laughed, and luckily she’s beautiful so we all knew it was a joke!  I think the name Aurora is so pretty, and fits them perfectly since they are huge Disney fans!  I wonder when they’ll take her to Disneyland to meet princess Aurora for the first time?!?  Maybe I should go along and document that for them to! ha ha!





















Congrats guys!  She’s beautiful!  And her birth was so much fun!  It’s life changing welcoming a new one into your family, and you did it like pros!


Here’s some sweet words from the family about their photos.


“I just got a chance to look at them and we are IN LOVE.  They all turned out so good!!  Thanks you so much.  You caught everything I wanted and so much more!!”


I love getting sweet messages like that from my clients!  It makes my day!


If you’re interested in birth photography in Utah or a birth story, contact me!  I’d love to chat with you and see if we are a good fit.


Tina Chandler Photography + film serves Utah and Salt Lake County including but not limited to Lehi, Riverton, Draper, Orem, & American Fork for birth stories, family photos, seniors, missionary photos, baptism photos, and more!  Contact me for more information!

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