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Baby Nora | American Fork Birth Story


Birth stories are so special!  I loved capturing this American Fork birth story.  It’s such a special moment to document.  Meeting your baby for the first time is such a special moment.  I love to document the parents’ reaction to meeting their baby, and their baby’s tiny fingers and toes.  They grow and change so fast, you’ll want to be able to look back on the photos and remember that special day!


Baby Nora’s story is such a sweet one!  She is the Packers’ third baby (and first girl).  Her parents have had her name picked out for years which I think is so fun!  It’s a beautiful family name.


She was actually born on her due date, which surprisingly only happens 3-5% of the time!  Isn’t that so crazy?!?  Here’s a link the article that stat came from.


Here are some photos of her birth story.


I loved how sweet Nora’s dad and mom were together, during the labor.  Mom labored most of the night.  In the morning, the contractions got more intense and they decided to head to the hospital.  Once they got there, it started being pretty painful, and she got an epidural.  Dad was right there through it all. It’s always sweet to see a husband step up and do everything he can to help his wife be more comfortable.

Hospital Birth Story

Mom didn’t get much rest, and soon, it was time to push!  It only took 5 minutes or so (super fast!) and they got to meet little Nora!


Nora was so perfect!  Her skin was amazing, and she is such a beautiful baby!

Love to see their little feet right after birth.  Babies hands and feet are usually a little purple for a couple hours after birth.

My favorite part of birth stories is seeing the parents admire their sweet new baby!  They are still on an adrenaline high, and it seems so crazy that their baby is finally here!  For most people it’s a very surreal experience.  They’ve known this moment would come for 9 months, but once it’s here, it feels surreal.  It takes a few days for everything to sink in and be real!

American Fork Birth Story

Another of my favorite shots is baby holding hands with mom and dad.  So sweet!  Nora really clung to mom’s hand!  She had a death grip on her finger for the longest time!

I love seeing parents look at each other after birth.  It’s such a loving experience and the love multiplies when that sweet baby enters the world.

American Fork Birth Story



American Fork Birth Story

Babies are usually alert for a couple hours after birth before they zonk out and get really sleepy for the next few weeks, and Nora was no exception.  She was so alert!  She looked all around, stared at her dad, held mom and dad’s hand, got examined and met her brothers before she got sleepy.  She was amazing and hardly made a peep except for when she got her shots. Then she let out the cutest little scream!

American Fork Birth Story American Fork Birth Story American Fork Birth Story American Fork Birth Story American Fork Birth Story

Isn’t she the prettiest little baby ever?  Those eyes!  A doll should be modeled after her!

American Fork Birth Story

Her big bothers were so excited to meet their baby sister.  They both got to hold her, and got gifts from their new baby sister.  They got books, a stuffed animal, and treats, and they were so excited!

Hospital Birth Story

Cute family of 5!  First family photos.  Don’t they look amazing?  Not sure how women look so amazing after giving birth, but it happens!

Hospital Birth Story



Tina Chandler Photography is a premier American Fork birth story and Fresh 48 photographer and videographer in Utah and Salt Lake County (including, but not limited to American Fork, Lehi, Riverton, Orem, Draper, and surrounding areas.)  I’d love to chat with you and document your family’s next big moment!  I love photographing and filming hospital, birth center, and home births!  For more info, click on contact me and send me a message!  I’ll be in touch.  I’d love to be an addition your birth team, and be there on your special day!

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