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Baby Shiloh | Birth Story


Baby Shiloh has a unique birth story!  I met with his mom on a Tuesday for lunch at Kneaders.  We chatted about when her due date was (5 weeks away), how her husband works in San Fransisco, and how excited she was for the baby (either Summer for a girl, or Shiloh for a boy).  Imagine my surprise when she called that night around 2am saying she was in labor!


Here’s the video of his birth!  If you want to hear more about the story, keep reading!



I hurried and gathered my birth camera bag and made sure my batteries were charged and I had plenty of snacks (always required for a birth since you never know how long it’ll be!).  Then I went back to bed for a little while until I heard updates from Mallory.  We decided I should come around 8:30.  When I got there, her mother in law was there, and her husband was on his flight to Utah.  She got an epidural, and was feeling pretty good.  She even got to take a little nap!



Grandpa got the older kids up and ready and off to school after a big McDonalds breakfast!  He even dressed them in matching clothes (good job Grandpa!)  Mallory labored all morning, which was nice since it gave her husband time to arrive!  A little after 2:00, her doctor came in and decided to break her water fully.  It was already broken some, but not fully.  He broke her water, and said he was heading into surgery for about 30 minutes, and he’d check on her after.  As soon as he left, Mallory was ready to push!  The nurse helped her not push through her contractions, and she was able to wait for her doctor to get back.  She pushed for around 30 minutes, and they got to meet their sweet baby BOY!



He was on his moms chest for a few minutes, while the nurses dried him off and listened to his breathing.  After a few minutes of crying, he got quiet, and they decided to take him over and check his sats.  They gave him some oxygen, and decided to take him upstairs to the special nursery.  He needed a little help breathing.  So dad and I got to go up with the baby while mom stayed in the labor room.  They brought him over for a kiss from mom first!  Once they got him upstairs, they hooked him up to a few different things for monitoring, and to help him.  Isn’t he adorable?  They also checked his measurements and he was 20 inches and 7 pounds, 15 ounces.  Good sized baby for 35 weeks!



Baby seemed to be doing good, so we went back down to see what Mallory was up to.  She was ordering dinner!  Labor is hard work, and after not eating anything all day, I’m sure she was starving!  She ordered some yummy stuff, and they got her ready to move to a postpartum room.



Once they got Mallory moved, the kids and grandma and grandpa came to see the new baby!  It took a bit to get Mallory back in the wheelchair and ready to go up, but she wanted to be there when the kids met their baby brother for the first time!  They still didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl.  Matt had to make a mad dash to the pediatricians office just a couple minutes before they closed to get the older kids immunization records so they could go see the baby!



They were so sweet when they saw him.  Big brother got a little teary when he saw him, and big sister was excited to have a brother (even though she really wanted a sister to paint her nails!).  After grandma and grandpa met the baby, they let mom have skin to skin time with Shiloh.  She was happy to finally be holding her new baby!



He ended up having to stay in the hospital a bit longer for help with breathing and eating, but I’m sure he’ll be home with his sweet family soon!


Congrats to Matt & Mallory!  It was a beautiful day filled with love and happiness!  Birth stories are so special, and I hope you love reliving the moments of Shiloh’s birth for years to come!


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