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Hannah | Provo City Center Missionary Photos

This girl is such a blast! She is so easy going, and fun! We had a blast doing her Provo City Center Missionary Photos.  I have no doubt she’s going to be an amazing missionary and change lives in Germany!


Here are a few of my favorite photos from this session. We picked a great day to do it. The next day there was snow, rain, hail, and wind, but the weather was perfect for us!


Provo City Center Missionary Photos


Hannah took just one semester of Germany in high school, so she’ll have a lot to learn for the language, but I’m sure she’ll pick it up quick!  She said her grandpa also served in Germany, so that’s pretty cool!


Provo City Center Missionary PhotosProvo City Center Photo Session


We made our way around the Provo City Center Temple, and then went over to Provo Center street for a few photos. It’s fun to see the old buildings and the cool architecture.  I love some of the photos we got across the street too!  Such a fun location to have a photo session.


I couldn’t believe how many flowers suddenly bloomed with it being so early in the spring!  It was beautiful!  We decided we need to hire the temple gardeners to come work magic at our houses!  Wouldn’t it be amazing to have a full time gardener to plant flowers and take care of all the weeds?  I would LOVE that!  I do not have a green thumb.


While we were walking around taking photos, we had a little German flag with us, and a girl that walked by said that she went to the same mission Hannah is heading to!  She loved it there, and was so excited to talk about it!  They swapped numbers, and hopefully they can connect and Hannah can get some good info about Germany before she goes in a few months!


Provo City Center Missionary Photos

Provo City Center Photo Session

Provo City Center Photo Session

Provo City Center Missionary Photos


We managed to get a few photos as dusk fell with the beautiful temple lit up in the background.  Such a beautiful building, I loved taking Provo City Center missionary photos!  Thanks Hannah for a great photoshoot!

Tina Chandler Photography captures memories in Utah and Salt Lake Counties.  I specialize in birth, fresh 48, and newborn photos.  I love capturing missionary photos, and getting to know the future missionaries!


Contact me here for your next session!  I’d love to capture your next memories!

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