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Alaya | Utah Home Birth Story

This Utah home birth story was so special, because I was so excited for one of my favorite families to have their second girl!  After having 3 boys, it was definitely a fun surprise when they found out it was going to be a GIRL!  It was an amazing birth, and Alaya’s mom rocked it!  She is amazing, and seeing her with her newborn daughter was such a special experience!  I’m so glad I was able to document their special day.

This is Alaya’s birth story in her mom’s own words.


“Alaya’s story coming Earthside is a beautiful one. On Tuesday, Aug 9th, 2 days before the due date, I was having some pretty strong contractions throughout the day but it was like one every hour or two so nothing too exciting. I was having Braxton Hicks for a few weeks so although these ones felt stronger, I just went about my day. It was a pretty busy and important day so I was hoping that this was the one time she wouldn’t come even though I had thoughts that she would despite our plans.

We made it through the busy day fine but by the time evening hit, they were coming every 20 min or so and decided to call my midwives Angie and Gloria to let them know what was going on. They were an hour away on a home visit and since I usually have super fast labors they wanted me to call as soon as they were any closer together than that. We called them back shortly after I had 2 that were 15 min apart so they left and made their way over. I still wasn’t sure if this was the real deal because things were so easy. The midwives came and then contractions started slowing a little but still intense. They weren’t a very consistent pattern ranging from 20min-3min and only 30 sec-1 min long. Everytime I sat on the toilet, really strong ones came so I did that a bunch and then Hyrum and I took a couple walks around the neighborhood and a few good contractions came during that as well. I had my friend, Tina who I consider pretty much my sister come as my photographer. So I was surrounded by amazing women and my incredible husband and partying it up!


After only a couple hours I was pretty sure Alaya wasn’t coming for awhile still since I was still feeling so comfortable and contractions were still so sporadic and random. The kids were upstairs playing and watching a movie until bedtime and then Hyrum put them to bed around 9. We filled the tub up early only halfway so then we could fill it with hot water to the top when I was ready to get in. Around 10:15pm about 3 hours into labor, I decided that maybe I should try to get some sleep so I told everyone they’re welcome to stay or go for a bit while I went to bed. My midwives are amazing and so inspired and they know how labor goes for me so they decided to stay for a little bit longer while I rested…. I’m so glad they did!


So I got ready for bed and for some reason thought I should drain the tub since I was going to sleep. I brushed my teeth, and my water broke! Usually once my water breaks, I have a baby within a few minutes so for once I felt like maybe the baby really would come… But now my tub was drained and I wanted to get in! Angie rushed in and listened to baby’s heartbeat and all was well. I walked over to the toilet, sat for 1 sec, stood up and was pushing baby’s head out! I started following my body’s lead and made some loud roaring and pushing noises and said something like, “Baby’s head is coming!” The midwives and Hyrum came rushing back in and while I was holding my baby’s head and leaning/hugging Hyrum, 3 midwives hands were beneath me to help catch the baby!  From brushing my teeth to baby born was literally only 2 min… 2 pushes…..while I was standing in my bathroom between my sink and my toilet! It was 10:25pm, only 10 min after I said I was going to bed. What?! It was crazy! It was beautiful! It was powerful! It was perfect! It definitely wasn’t how I was envisioning my birth to be but it worked and it was awesome! That’s what is so incredible about a birth story, it’s unpredictable! I was feeling so grateful that my water didn’t break just an hour earlier while out walking…!


Utah Home Birth Story_0152

After she arrived they sat me down right there on the floor and I held my sweet little rainbow baby girl and fell instantly in love! She was beautiful and so perfect.

After delivering the placenta I took a bath with my newly born daughter and had some special bonding time. Sometimes I feel cheated because there was hardly any labor at all…it was so easy but then I remember the end and how I don’t have anytime to process or adjust to what is really happening and how insanely hard, although fast, that it is! I’m definitely not complaining though because I feel so blessed to have these experiences the way they are.


After the bath we headed to my bed, cut the cord, checked her weight, did all the newborn checks and got a couple stitches. My guess before she was born was that she’d weigh 6lbs 12oz and I was right!


Utah Home Birth Story_0155 Utah Home Birth Story_0156

Utah Home Birth Story_0158Utah Home Birth Story_0157 Utah Home Birth Story_0153

We are so grateful for our gorgeous baby girl, my incredible birth team and for the experiences of creating life and giving birth. It truly is a miracle. Welcome to the world sweet Alaya!

After the midwives cleaned everything up, and put a load of laundry in we were tucked in bed and turned the lights out around 1am. I am so grateful that my kids slept through it all and they didn’t even wake up once that whole night. As soon as they woke up in the morning, they were surprised to see that their baby sister was here! It was like Christmas, they were so excited! We sang Happy Birthday to Alaya and they each had a turn to hold her and had big smiles on their faces.  

Kyla was loving it of course but Daxton wouldn’t give her up! He is super attached to her and calling her “mine”.

Bryken is sweet and says she’s the best toy he’s ever had.

and Tayven is a sensitive soul and cries for her when she cries.

I love my family of 7! Happy Birthday Alaya!”


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