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Utah County Newborn Photographer

As a Utah County newborn photographer, I had to chance to do newborn photos for this sweet family!  The kids took a couple minutes to warm up, but once they did, they were so cute.


Meet this cute little girl!  She is just such a sweetie and slept so great during her session!  Her siblings were darling, and mom says they like to help with the new baby!

Utah newborn photographer_0055Utah newborn photographer_0046


These kids were hilarious and really wanted to meet my new puppy.  Apparently they were quite serious about getting a dog, because they called while we were taking pics of the baby and said they found a couple dogs they wanted!  Their dad took them to see some dogs for being so great during their pictures.  It was funny!  I’m not sure having a new baby and adding a dog to the mix is exactly what mom had in mind!Utah newborn photographer_0048

This cute pink blanket is the same one that her sister had her newborn photos in, so of course we had to use it for this sweet little one also!  Look at those lips!  She’s such a sweetie!Utah newborn photographer_0049Utah newborn photographer_0050

I love, love, love close ups of baby faces!  They are just so sweet, and they change so fast, so it’s fun to remember exactly what they looked like when they were just a few days old!

Utah newborn photographer_0052

I think this is my favorite photo!  I love the lace on her!  She’s so pretty, so it fits her well!  Let me know which one is your favorite in the comments!

Utah newborn photographer_0053Utah newborn photographer_0054

Thanks so much for bringing your sweet kiddos for me to photograph!  I loved it!


Tina Chandler Photography specializes in birth, newborn, and child photography.  I love being a Utah county newborn photographer!  Please contact me to schedule a session.

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    So sweet!

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    So Sweet!

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