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Baby Hunter – Utah Newborn Photography

I love seeing new babies and taking photos of them and their families. Utah Newborn Photography is one of my favorite things! Check out cute baby Hunter. His mom drove about an hour to get here, so by that time, he was done sleeping! He didn’t sleep at all until we were done and put him back in his car seat to head home! It’s like they know you want them to sleep, so they do the opposite! This family just moved here from out of state, and he was born just a few days after the move!  I’m so glad they did so I could meet him!

utah newborn photographer_0288.jpg
utah newborn photographer_0295.jpg
utah newborn photographer_0289.jpg
utah newborn photographer_0290.jpg

His mom brought these little cowboy boots and hat.  He’s a little cowboy in the making!!
utah newborn photographer_0291.jpg
utah newborn photographer_0292.jpg
utah newborn photographer_0293.jpg
utah newborn photographer_0294.jpg

Tina Chandler photography specializes in birth photography.  I also love to photograph newborns and kids!  Contact me to schedule a session.

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