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Baby G | Home Birth Story | Utah County

I am so lucky to be able to capture babies being born and their families meeting them for the first time! It was fun to capture this home birth story in Utah County! This post may be a little long, but stick with me, because it’s a beautiful story!


Neena had her 4th baby (second girl) at a planned home birth with a great midwife!  She called on Saturday morning saying she was having contractions, but after a little while, they stopped.  Later that day, they started again, and she called and said I should head over.  Even though I only live 15 minutes away I was worried I would miss it because I thought she would go fast!  Luckily I didn’t (but it was pretty fast)!


When I arrived, the midwife was helping her through contractions by applying pressure, and Neena seemed so calm, just working through it.  Her husband was busy tiding up and making sure everything was perfect!

Lehi Utah Birth Photographer

Their oldest daughter was there with her aunt to be a part of her sister being born.  She was so excited, and her aunt talked her through the whole thing.  I couldn’t hear most of what she was saying but I heard her say “Isn’t she so strong?” as her mom was working through contractions.  It was so sweet!  Here, the midwife is just checking the baby’s heart rate to make sure she is doing well.

lehi ut birth story_0253


After a little while, she moved closer to the birthing tub.  Sadly, it wasn’t full enough for her to get in!  She labored near the tub waiting for it to get full enough, but it didn’t happen.  The baby came too quick.  With one contraction, her head was out, and one more push baby G was born.  It was so beautiful!  The midwife handed the baby to her mom!

lehi ut birth story_0254

I love this “I did it” moment!!lehi ut birth story_0260

lehi ut birth story_0256

lehi ut birth story_0257

lehi ut birth story_0243

I love the baby seeing her mom for the first time!  How magical is that?  Look at dad-looking at his amazing wife like “Holy smokes!  She is amazing!  I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”  lehi ut birth story_0262

lehi ut birth story_0258lehi ut birth story_0264

lehi ut birth story_0252

Dad gets a chance to hold the new baby!

lehi ut birth story_0263

I love this picture so much!  They are both just leaning against the birth tub enjoying their new little one!  Such a great moment to just soak everything in.

lehi ut birth story_0259

The midwife showed us the placenta, and the sac where the baby had been for the past 9 months!  Pretty incredible!  Then, big sister got to help dad cut the cord.lehi ut birth story_0244lehi ut birth story_0261

After dad held baby G for a bit, big sister got her turn!  She was so sweet with her.  These girls are going to be best friends (and probably fight a lot too because that’s what sisters do right?)


After mom was cleaned up and in bed the midwife did the newborn exam.  She weighed 7 pounds exactly!  She got her feet stamped in purple ink.  So cute!  I love baby toes!lehi ut birth story_0249lehi ut birth story_0250  After the newborn exam,  her other siblings got to come meet her!  They all loved her!

lehi ut birth story_0247 lehi ut birth story_0248 lehi ut birth story_0266 lehi ut birth story_0267

It was a beautiful story, and they are now a family of 6.  Congrats!!

lehi ut birth story_0246


Tina Chandler Photography serves Utah and Salt Lake Counties and specializes in birth photography.  Please contact me for more info.

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