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American Fork Ampitheater- Child Session

I got to spend part of my evening with these darling kids taking photos at the American Fork Ampitheater right across the street from the Mt. Timpanogos Temple.  It was such a beautiful night.  Great weather, no wind, and great light!


These kids are just the cutest…I mean look at them! We had such a blast running around playing and climbing.  We even saw some ants which was super exciting to both of them.  I think their favorite part of the night was seeing the birds though. There were sooo many birds out.  Little O thought if he blew on the birds, maybe they would come play with him.  It didn’t work though.  Ha ha!

utah county child photos-1     utah county child photos-2     utah county child photos-6


These kids are quite the little explorers.  Especially the soon to be 3 year old!  She loved climbing around and finding fun little places.  I asked her what she wanted to say before I snapped a picture, and she replied “princess.”  Lol!  She loves to do her hair like Elsa, and Belle!


We had a blast!  The kids had fun climbing around.  I love his smile in this picture!  You can tell how much he loves his great big sister.  At the American Fork Ampitheater there is a great little log chair.  The kids loved sitting in it!  I love this picture of little O with his serious face…or maybe he’s eating candy in this photo!  We had to bribe them a little 😉

TMC_0290     TMC_0155     TMC_0179


Here’s a few more photos, because I seriously can’t get enough of these cute kids.  I’m glad we were able to get these photos done.  Last time I went to the same location with this family for family photos there was a wedding going on, so we had to find a different location.  This time, there were only a few other people there which was perfect!  Their smiles are the best!

utah county child photos-3     TMC_0246     TMC_0001

TMC_0070     TMC_0058     TMC_0021     

Tina Chandler Photography is located in Utah County and specializes in birth, newborn, and child photography.  I love this type of sessions!  We have such a blast!  Contact me to book a session!

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