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Lifestyle Newborn Photos – Baby Izzy

This cute family lives in my neighborhood. I’m so lucky I was able to take some photos of them, and their sweet new baby Isabelle! This is their first baby, and they are the cutest parents. Dad was able to be home with them for the first couple weeks, and was so cute with the baby. Mom is so amazing! They are going to be great parents!  I love lifestyle newborn sessions.  Please contact me to schedule a session!
lifestyle newborn_0214     lifestyle newborn_0221



I love to capture how tiny they are in the crib…since you forget so fast!  Pretty soon she’ll be taking up the whole crib with her blankets and stuffed animals! Isn’t she so cute just peeking through the bars?!?  And I love this cute nursery.

lifestyle newborn_0207     lifestyle newborn_0206     lifestyle newborn_0208




I LOVE little baby toes.  So cute!  What do you think she’s thinking about?  She looks so thoughtful in the picture to me.  I sure wish I knew what was going through their minds!

lifestyle newborn_0209     lifestyle newborn_0210



Such a cute family!  They had a great window in their room that was so perfect.  I just love the colors of their bedspread.  It worked perfectly for this.  And I love the saying over their bed.  “Forever, and always, no matter what.”


lifestyle newborn_0211 lifestyle newborn_0215

lifestyle newborn_0216 lifestyle newborn_0223

lifestyle newborn_0224 lifestyle newborn_0225



Isn’t she just the sweetest little baby?  I love her little hands and cute face.  She’s just darling!

lifestyle newborn_0219 lifestyle newborn_0220

lifestyle newborn_0223 lifestyle newborn_0222


Little Izzy is one lucky girl!  She’s beautiful, and has such great parents!


As a Utah Newborn Photographer, I feel so lucky to be able to capture newborns so their parents can look back and remember how tiny they were! They change so fast, so it’s so important to get newborn photos in the first couple weeks.

Tina Chandler Photography specializes in birth, newborn & family photography. I love capturing those precious moments! Lifestyle newborn photos are so fun because they take place in your home so you can remember how life was when your baby was tiny!

Please contact me to schedule a session!

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