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Welcome Baby Sister!


This family is just the cutest!  I still cannot get over how cute the big brother was to his baby sister!  Let’s start at the beginning.



The Family

Cindy & Fred have 2 cute boys.  The oldest one probably wouldn’t like being called cute…so he’s handsome…but the younger one is super cute.  He’s only 4, so I think calling him cute is still acceptable.

Cindy was pregnant with their 3rd baby, and it was a girl!  Hooray!  Who doesn’t love a baby sister right?!?

She was supposed to be induced on Friday morning, but guess what?  Sophia had other plans.  On Thursday night her mom went into labor.  It had been a busy and crazy day, and her mom hadn’t had a chance to eat dinner.  So, she left the hospital and went and got some sushi 🙂  She’s my kind of girl.  That was always a huge concern for me when I had my babies.  I hate how they don’t let you eat…and you are starving!  Anyway, the contractions were getting more intense, so she went back to the hospital and they checked her in.

birth story baby S     TMC_6513

Things were moving along, so I got there pretty early in the morning.  Cindy was doing great.  Getting a little rest, and getting excited to meet her new baby girl!  Her mother-in-law came, and everyone was waiting for Cindy’s sister, Amy, to arrive.  She was flying in that morning, but since she wasn’t expecting Cindy to start laboring until that morning, no one thought she was going to make it in time…once again Sophia had her own plans!



The Hard Labor

The contractions and back pain got really intense.  It’s always so hard for the husbands (and everyone else that is there) to see the mom in pain and not really know how to help.  He tried giving her back rubs, but it was still so painful.  The baby was turned face up instead of face down, so that may have caused a lot of the extra pain.

TMC_6515     utah newborn session_0049

Finally it was time to push!  Cindy started pushing…and guess who walked in.  Her sister Amy!  It was so great that she got there just in time to meet her new little niece!  I love the look on dad’s face when he see’s his little girl for the first time.  Auntie & Grandma’s reactions are pretty priceless too!

birth photography utah_0055     birth photography utah_0054     utah newborn session_0053

The Birth

Little Sophia was born after a lot of hard work from her mom, but she was worth it.  So adorable, and sweet!

TMC_6615     TMC_6731

TMC_6801     TMC_6758

My favorite part of the day was when the brother’s came in and little Freddy was so excited that “Sophia has arrived!”  He wanted to feel his mom’s tummy to see if she was really out.  You can see him checking in the picture below.  He told her he loved her and was so sweet with her!  Mom got some food (finally!).  I love how little Freddy is giving his mom a high 5 in this picture!  Good job mom!

TMC_6875     TMC_6911   

utah newborn session_0050     tina-chandler-photography-birth-photographer_0016


Baby Sister

I loved getting to know this family, and meeting their cute new baby sister.  Isn’t little Freddy just so cute giving his new sis a kiss on the head?  What happened next makes me laugh!

TMC_6929     utah newborn session_0051


Video Slideshow

Here’s a video of their birth story for your viewing pleasure!


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    Awwww! I love this. Beautiful work here Tina. Added bonus: babe has my birthday! (March 11th babies rock)

  2. Newborn Hospital photography it-s-baby-time”, “Newborn Hospital photography- take notes mom and dad- I will bring the camera”, “I wish I had this for my babies.

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