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Beautiful Surrogate Birth Story

As a Utah birth photographer, I get the unique chance to watch babies be born to loving families. This story was different than most, but very beautiful. Meet Lindsey & Harry…and Cindy & Rob.  This is the story of a surrogate and the birth of twin baby girls.  Cindy and Rob have been waiting years to be parents! I’m so grateful I was able to meet these families, and these special little girls.

They called me about an hour before the birth, and I barely made it!  They decided that Cindy (the babies’ mom) would wait in the NICU and Harry (the surrogates husband) would go to the OR with her.  Sadly Rob wasn’t in Utah quite yet, but he was getting on a flight soon.


The babies were born via c-section and I was so lucky to be able to go into the NICU with Cindy and watch the whole thing through the windows!  Once they got started, the babies were born quickly, and handed through straight into the NICU because they were almost 35 weeks.  The doctors and nurses were amazing!  The whole staff was so nice and cared for the babies wonderfully!  As soon as they were in the NICU, they made sure they were doing well, and checked them out.


Aren’t they beautiful?  They look very different from each other which will make it impossible to pull pranks on people or switch places with each other.


Rob arrived shortly after, and was able to meet his girls. Here he is meeting his girls for the first time.  They are going to be the best parents!


They each got to hold one of the babies while I was there.



Love these little details.  So precious!  Their little toes and fingers are so tiny! They change so fast, so it’s amazing to capture these little things so their parents can always remember how tiny they were!


Here’s the 4 people that made it all possible.  Thanks so much for letting me be a part of this special day!



Here’s a video that shows the whole birth story.  Get your tissues ready!

Tina Chandler Photography specializes in birth photography, fresh 48, and newborn photography in Salt Lake and Utah Counties.

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4 Responses so far.

  1. Monet says:

    You did such an incredible job! I just photographed a twin c-section birth last night and I just love all the moments you were able to document for this family. <3

    • tinachandler says:

      Thanks so much! Twins and so special and this was a unique story, so it was amazing to be able to witness it!

  2. Jennifer Mason says:

    These are so sweet, I love the photos of baby!

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