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Birth Photography-Meet Jabari

Birth Photography is so amazing!
I feel so lucky to be a part of these amazing experiences! This cute family came to the hospial in the morning to be induced. They broke her water, and she labored for a good part of the day. The labor and delivery didn’t go exactly as mom had planned (does it ever?), but she was tough and hung in there through it all. She had the support of her mom and husband through it all.



Baby Jabari decided to come into the world in the evening after his grandma told him for a few hours that they were sending an evacuation notice to him. The nurses were great, and she did a lot of repositioning and waiting for the baby to be ready.




They were so excited to meet him! The wait was worth it!


Meeting his brothers
After he was born, his 2 brothers came to meet him. The older brother is amazing and is going to be a great help to his mom. He couldn’t stop smiling and I could tell he’s going to be a great brother. The younger brother was so funny! He wanted to see the baby, but just for a minute, and then he decided the chips were more interesting! He snacked while everyone else “oooh” and “aaah” over the baby. Then when it was time for the baby to get a shot, he laughed! It was so funny! I don’t think he really knew what was going on, but it seemed like he thought it was funny to hear the baby cry. I’m sure he’ll be a great brother to, it just may take him some time to realize how fun having a new little brother is! I bet they will be best friends when they get a little older.


TMC_4933   TMC_4916 TMC_4843 TMC_4839 TMC_4835 TMC_4833 TMC_4943TMC_4942


Tina Chandler Photography-specializing in Birth, Newborn, and kid photography in Salt Lake and Utah Counties.


Here’s a slideshow of Jabari’s birth.  Happy Birthday Jabari!

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