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Welcome to the world baby S! – Utah Birth Photographer

I had such an amazing opportunity to photograph baby S’s birthday!  As a Utah Birth Photographer, it’s awesome to be part of such an amazing day!


Tierra was having contractions all night.  Once she decided maybe this was it…she decided to eat some pancakes real quick before going to the hospital.  She knew she wouldn’t be able to eat, and wanted to make sure she got something!  I love this, because it’s exactly something I would do!  It makes me giggle every time a mom in labor tells me she ate before coming to the hospital.  It’s more common than you would think…or maybe not if you realize that food is on a pregnant moms mind almost all the time!  🙂


When I got there, Tierra was doing great, handling the contractions like a pro!  After a little while, it got pretty hard, and she had a lot of back pain.  Her husband tried his best to help her feel better, and her mom was amazing!  I love seeing supportive partners doing everything to help their sweet wife through labor.  Her mom spent the morning rubbing her feet and getting her anything she needed.  Such a great family!


There were so excited with it was time for the baby to be born!  In the end, she pushed for less than 20 minutes!  She did so great!  Mom didn’t have a chance to wash the cute hat they bought for her to wear because it had just come in the mail, so grandma washed it in the bathroom sink and held it under the baby warmer (I’m sure there’s a more technical name for that) to get it dry.  It looked so cute on her little head!


One of my favorite parts of birth (there are so many I can’t pick just one) is the reaction of dad and grandma.  It’s amazing to see all the emotion and love that a family feels for the baby!  It’s pretty special.  This grandma was so excited to meet her first grand baby…and dad was pretty stocked about it to.  What an amazing couple, and such a sweet baby!  Thanks so much for letting me be there to witness such a special moment.

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Tina Chandler Photography specializes in birth, newborn, and child photography serving Utah and Salt Lake Counties.  I love being a Utah birth photographer!  Please contact me to book your session!

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